War Thunder

X51 began as a War Thunder Air Sim squadron in March 2015. We regularly host operations and large historical events as well as frequent fly-outs in the public EC and operation servers.

X51 is also the headquarters of a large coalition of fellow War Thunder Air Sim squadrons. Our discord serves as a place for inter-squadron events and competitions to be organised and shared, ensuring the vibrant community within War Thunder Air Sim continues to grow. Our goal is to develop the largest community of War Thunder Air Sim pilots, and if you run a War Thunder squadron or group and want to be part of this network, come and introduce yourself on our discord server!

DCS: World

X51 has a large DCS community with interests in both combat and aerobatics. We host public co-op missions and combat events.

For our members we also run training sessions in combat tactics. Our primary airframes in the online arena are the AV-8B, F-18C, M2000C, F-14B and UH-1H. We are also the proud managers of several aerobatic teams, one of which made their debut at VFAT 2018 in an unprecedented Harrier AV-8B six-ship display.

IL2: BoX

Our IL-2 Great Battles group is growing rapidly. You will find us running large, multi-flight sorties on TAW, Finnish, WoL etc. For our members we offer superb weekly training sessions on tactics, manoeuvres, marksmanship and coordination.

X51 also runs duel tournments and historical missions in IL-2 which are open to the public - open to squadrons and solo pilots alike.


Frequent and regular combat training is available, and required, for all X51 members, in IL2, DCS and War Thunder. These sessions cover aspects such as combat formations, defensive and offensive manoeuvres, situational awareness and effective communication. These tactics are then regularly employed during our public server flyouts and custom events.

Each aerobatics team undergoes their own intense training regime, each with the goal of displaying at the major DCS virtual airshows such as VFAT and VUAF.

Join X51

If you want to benefit from our training, awards and regular internal events, or join one of our combat or aerobatics teams, we welcome you to apply for membership.
In return we require that you are able to fly competently with a HOTAS system, are active in one (or more) of our sim platforms, can attend the training sessions for this platform regularly and enjoy working as a team.

If you regularly find yourself wishing you had a wingman to watch your six, a four-ship fighter formation covering your ground attack from above, or to experience the complexity and excitement of large scale, coordinated missions, you will find these at X51. With over 50 squadron members, you will never have to fly alone again.

To apply for membership, join our discord server by clicking the button below, and let us know in the welcome channel.
See you in the skies.

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